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  Masjid Umar


Madrasah Open Today

The madrasah heating system is now working hence madrasah will be taking place from today (Monday 10th December).

Important Madrasah Exam Dates

Mid-Year Written Exams: Saturday 15th & Sunday 16th December 2018

Mid -Year Oral Exams: From Monday 17th to Friday 21st December 2018

Mid- Year Tahfeeth Class Exams: Saturday 22nd December 2018

Mid-Year Parent’s Meetings

 Mid- Year Father’s Meeting: Sunday 6th January 2019

Mid- Year Mother’s Meeting Sunday 13th January 2019

Madrasah Holidays and Important Dates
For details of madrasah holidays and important dates including examinations and parent’s meetings please refer to the madrasah tab at the top of the page.  
Important Islamic Dates

Click HERE for a list of some important Islamic Dates in 2018/2019 (all subject to the sighting of the moon).