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Qurbani 2020

All Qurbanis taking place in different parts of the world on behalf of Masjid Umar are now complete. May Allah accept them all. Ameen. There are now no restrictions in trimming the hair or paring the nails. A very very big THANK YOU to Sajid Bhai for his tireless effort in managing the Qurbani orders. May Allah reward him abundantly. Ameen


Madrasah Announcements

1. Madrasah will continue to run in the evenings between 5pm and 7pm until and including Thursday 30th July. Tahfeeth class will run in the morning from 10:30am till 1:30pm and further in the evenings as from Monday 27th July.

2. We will have our onsite Eid assembly on Thursday 30th July at around 5:30pm.

3. Madrasah will break up for both Tahfeeth and non Tahfeeth classes on Thursday 30th July at normal home time and reopen for both sets of Classes on Tuesday 11th Aug at 11:00am.

4. Madrasah throughout the month of August will run from Tuesdays to Fridays only, from 11:00am to 1:30pm for non Tahfeeth Classes. Whereas for Tahfeeth class, it will run from Tuesdays to Saturdays.

5. Alhamdulillah, our onsite Madrasah classes are running safely and successfully. May Allah keep us all safe!

We shall continue to monitor the situation closely, keeping the safety and well-being of the children and staff at the forefront. Further classes will only be brought onsite if circumstances permit.

6. In sha Allah we shall be scheduling our Annual Exams soon after we have all our classes back onsite.

7. New admissions In sha Allah will take place from September 2020.

8. Parents Annual Meetings have been postponed till further notice.

9. A gentle reminder; fees for the month of July will total £35 per child due to there being 5 weeks in the month. Please ensure payment is made before Thursday 30th July.


Important Islamic Dates

Click HERE for a list of some important Islamic Dates in 2019/20 (all subject to the sighting of the moon).