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Masjid Umar – Qurbani Collection 2019



Madrasah Holidays

Madrasah will re-open after Eid holidays on Wednesday 14th August at 11:00am.

During the summer holidays madrasah will run from Tuesdays to Thursdays between 11:00am and 1:30pm and on Fridays between 11:30am and 2:30pm.


Madrasah New Admissions 2019

For Existing families who already have children attending our Madrasah:

1) Please fill in our madrasah admission form and submit it by Friday 9th August at our madrasah office through Gate No 3. Forms can be obtained from Masjid Umar, YMA and can also be downloaded HERE.

2) Bring your child on Wednesday 14th August at 11:00am through Gate No 3. Mothers only should accompany the children  as the female department will be processing the applications.

3) You will need to produce your child’s birth certificate, or any other official document to verify his/her DOB. Without this the application cannot be processed.

4) Once your application has been processed, mothers can leave their children with us till home time. 

New families who do not have a child currently at our madrasah:

1) Please fill in our madrasah admission form. This can be collected from Masjid Umar, Yma and can also be downloaded HERE.

2) Kindly submit the filled in form to our YMA office at Gate No 3 by Wednesday 14th August.

3) There will be an induction meeting on Thursday 15th August at 2:00pm for families who do not have children with us already. Both parents or at least one parent need to attend. Mothers need to come through Gate No 2 and sit in the women’s prayer hall. Fathers will need to enter through Gate No 1 and sit in the main prayer hall.

4) Children do not need to attend on this occasion.

5) Please bring your child’s birth certificate along with you or any other official document to verify his/her DOB.

6) Once all the above procedures are successfully complete, your child may start the madrasah from Tuesday 20th August at 11:00am.


Madrasah Important Dates

For details of madrasah holidays and important dates including parent’s meetings please refer to the madrasah tab at the top of the page.  

Please click HERE to see the Madrasah Summer Holidays Absence Policy.


Important Islamic Dates

Click HERE for a list of some important Islamic Dates in 2019 (all subject to the sighting of the moon).