Respected Parents,




We are delighted to inform you that Alhamdulillah, we are now ready to operate our  online Madrasah from Monday 11th January.


These guidelines will provide you with all the details you and your child require to access the online Madrasah. Please kindly read this information carefully together with your child.

Zoom App

  1. Download ‘Zoom’ on the device your child will be using by following this link:


  1. Launch the app and click on ‘Join in’.


  1. Here you will need to enter the ID number for your child’s teacher and the password- both of which will be sent to you very soon.


  1. Please ensure your child’s full name is entered, otherwise your child will not be allowed entry into the classroom.


  1. Your child’s video camera needs to be on at all times and they must be sat in full view of the camera.


Online Timetable

Using the previous online Madrasah experience, we have made some important changes to how the lessons will be delivered.

It became very apparent last time that students were struggling to focus for the duration of 2 hours, resulting in behaviour issues which had a significant impact on the teaching.


Acknowledging the fact that most children are now receiving their school education online which is resulting in prolonged screen time, we have resolved to reduce their online Madrasah learning. This reduction is purely to allow our online Madrasah to prove more efficient and effective. Please note the following details about the reviewed changes:


  1. Madrasah will run for all five weekdays from 5pm to 7pm.


  1. Each class will be divided into smaller groups.


  1. Each group will receive approximately 40 minutes of face-to-face online Madrasah time under one teacher only.


  1. Children will be expected to use the remaining part of the time in preparation for their face-to-face learning and to engage in independent studies away from the screen.


  1. All classes will be concentrating on their Qaaidah/ Quran and Duaa books only, which is more suited to the online classes.


Code of Conduct for Pupils


  1. All children must be ready for Madrasah on all weekdays by 5pm.


  1. Children must only log in to the online Madrasah during the slots allocated to them. If they miss their own slot, they will not be accommodated in other slots. Timings of their slots will be provided to you soon.


  1. Children must attend their online slot in their full Madrasah uniform only.


  1. During each online session children must sit up without leaning or lying down.


  1. Children must not eat or drink during their online session.


  1. All children must switch their video cameras on and sit in full view so that they can be supervised fully by the teacher.


  1. Children must attend their online session with their Qurans and Dua Book.


  1. Children will strictly not be allowed to leave the online session except for an emergency.


  1. Children must take all instructions given by the teacher in relation to the use of their devices.


Code of Conduct for Parents


  1. The device must be fixed into one position using a stand or the device cover etc. We found previously that students were handling the devices and fidgeting with the position etc. which caused disruptions to the session.


  1. Parents should ensure that the devices are charged beforehand and there is a stable internet connection.


  1. If you have multiple children and a shortage of devices, please contact the number below- where reasonably possible we will try to rearrange the slots so that siblings can share the devices.


  1. You should ensure that children are given a quiet space to have their lesson, away from any distractions.


  1. No female family member must come in front of the camera in any male teachers’ class.


  1. Both parents must be dressed appropriately and respectfully whenever they are required to come in front of the camera.




  1. If a student has trouble joining the online class, please sign out of the app, re-launch the app and sign in again. This should solve the issue.


  1. If this doesn’t solve the problem, please ensure any updates to the app are installed beforehand.


  1. If the connection lags, it possibly means the internet connection is unstable. Please try to connect using mobile data.
If despite trying all the above, the problem persists, then please kindly contact us on: 

07436 711 257.  Alternatively, you can WhatsApp your query to the Madrasah mobile number on which you receive updates.




The fees for online Madrasah will be £5 per week, per child. For classes 9 & 10, their fees will remain the same.


Payments can be made by the following methods:-

            – In cash, at YMA Gate 3 at the office between 5-7pm every Friday from Friday 15th January. This is the most preferred method.

            – Online payments can be made into the following account:-


Bank Name: HSBC

Account Name: Masjid Umar

Account Number: 21734814

Sort Code: 40-42-49


For online payments, please ensure individual payments are made for each child. Please use your child’s name, class number and reg no as the reference, for example:

Ahmad3B235 (Ahmad 3B  235).

Online payments must be made monthly.


The amount payable for January will be £15 and February will be £20.

Please DO NOT make one payment for multiple children as these are very difficult to identify for our office department.


Fees will be payable regardless of whether you choose for your child to attend the online Madrasah or not. Failure to pay the fees will require you to re-register your child only after you have cleared the outstanding amount.


For You & Your Children

Shuaib Desai

YMA Madrasah Sheffield.