Aisha Tuition Centre

Honourable Parents,


We hope and pray to Allah that you and your loved ones are safe and well.
Firstly, we would like to thank you for being extremely patient during what has been a difficult year for our school. Due to logistic issues, we have now decided to voluntarily close the Oak Tree High School as from July 2020.

Alhamdulillah during the time that it existed, the school provided exceptionally high levels of education and Islamic etiquettes for our girls across Sheffield and beyond. It allowed them to gain secular education within an Islamic environment, allowing them to become confident young Muslim women. A very big thank you to all those who contributed towards its success.

Alhamdulillah as a better alternative, we are now going to provide a tuition service called ‘ ‘Aysha Tuition Centre’. The facility will be a new venture with a stronger Islamic vision in mind, providing tuition for no more than 18 hours per week-running from Mondays to Thursdays from 9am to 1.30pm.
On one hand, this will allow us to focus diligently on the core GCSE subjects whereas on the other hand the arrangement will give the students the opportunity to spend time at home undertaking independent study and learning additional skills to support them in adulthood under the guidance of their parents.
The Tuition Centre does, however, endeavor to support pupils with extra-curricular activities via a supplementary strategy, like that of a youth group.
Along with this letter we are enclosing a supplement. This will introduce you all to the vision and aims of the Aysha Tuition Centre. The supplement gives an insight into our services, Information about subjects, fees, uniform, etiquette, and expectations. Please ensure that you read all the information carefully and contact the centre with any queries that you may have.

The facility is open for Key Stage 3 and 4  (Age 11+ )girls. Please complete and return the attached form by email or post as soon as possible.
We have arranged an induction day for Monday 10th August at 2.30pm for parents and potential students to come and enroll and answer any questions.
I request that you show your support by praying for the success and continuation of our mission in providing the Muslim community with a safe and Islamic environment for our girls.

For any additional information or queries please contact the Admin Officer on 07305 41 8431

Yours Sincerely
Imam of YMA/ Masjid Umar & Trustees of Yorkshire Tuition Centre




By the grace of Allah, Masjid Umar/ YMA Sheffield has established a new institution called YORKSHIRE TUITION CENTRE (YTC) which is registered under the Charity Commission.

This umbrella institution aims to provide multiple educational activities to educate and empower the wider community of Yorkshire.

Alhamdulillah YTC is delighted to announce the launch of an exclusive tuition facility aimed at girls aged 11 and above.

The provision called AYSHA TUITION CENTRE shall be a dedicated tuition centre based at YMA on Bland Street in Sheffield to provide high-quality secular education in core GCSE subjects with a rich Islamic ethos.


“ We Want To Be Like Aysha “

The Centre takes its name from Aysha (ra) the beloved wife of our holy Prophet Muhammed (saw). Although Aysha (ra) was his youngest wife, she was distinctively intelligent and knowledgeable, making her a perfect role model for every Muslima. We would like to inspire our students with her strength of Imaan, wisdom, piety, and modesty.


The vision behind the project is as follows: –
1. To educate, nurture, and empower girls with education and Islamic moral values of the highest standard possible. This, in turn, will prepare outstanding British Muslim citizens who will take pride in their Islamic identity whilst being well equipped to contribute to the social and economic prosperity of our diverse society.
2. To close the gap between secular and religious education for better understanding, tolerance, and respect to all diverse communities of the British society.


Families are increasingly inclining towards home-schooling. This service will provide professional guidance and support, easing the task of home-schooling for parents.
Our objectives are: –
1. To provide professional and statutory guidance and support to families who wish to home-school their children.
2. To provide a face-to-face, secular, academic education of the highest standard to all secondary aged girls who are being home-schooled in Yorkshire. The tuition will be offered in all core GCSE subjects, based on the national curriculum.
3. To ensure our girls achieve the best possible grades in their GSCE subjects
4. To provide all the above in a very well-disciplined, tranquil, and modest environment- keeping Islamic principles and values at the heart of all operations within the school.


A Governance structure has been put in place to ensure the overall provision is managed both effectively and efficiently. The framework is as follows:-

Tuition Centre will have an Ameer who will oversee and supervise the Centre from the outside to ensure the Center is heading towards the right direction under our rich Islamic ethos. The Ameer of the centre shall be the Imaam of Masjid Umar and YMA Sheffield Maulana Shuaib Desai.

Trustees / Governors
A group of professional and dedicated women from within the community have been elected as a board of trustees and governors to ensure the Center is operating both effectively and efficiently to achieve its objectives.

There will be a manager who shall supervise and lead the Center in all it’s day to day activities.

Advisory Panel
Mr.Irshad Akbar who was very instrumental in the successful life of Oak High School will be part of the panel.


The Tuition facility will operate from Monday to Thursday. Each day will start at 9am with 15 minutes of recitation of Quran, Dhikr and Duaas at the beginning. The first taught session will start at 9.15am whilst the last session will finish at 1.30 pm. There will be 4 hourly sessions per day.
Each session will start and end with Duaas and Dhikr.


The tuition centre will provide tutoring sessions in Maths, English, Science, Arabic, Health, and Social and Geography. They will work towards entering GSCE examination. More details can be provided on request.


Annual Fees for full-time students shall be £1500. This can be paid in either 10 monthly installments of £150 or in 3 quarterly installments of £500 in advance.

Part-time fees shall be £40 per week or £ 2.50 per hour/session in advance.


Our uniform has been designed to reflect the Islamic code of modesty and respect. It is is a visual reinforcement of the values of Aysha Tuition Centre, hence expecting the students to take pride in their Islamic heritage and identity through their years of development.

The uniform will consist of the following items: –
Plain and loose-fitting Black Abaya, Elbow length hijab (Colour not yet decided, will be supplied by the school at a nominal cost) Plain Black Shoes. In cold weather, a plain black cardigan will be allowed. Hoodies, make-up, and high buns are strictly forbidden.

The Centre has a strict code of conduct and behaviour policy in relation to: –
(a) Attendance
(b) Lateness
(b) Uniform and appearance
(c) Classroom resources and equipment
(d) Behaviour in class and outside the class
(e) Respect towards the staff and fellow students
(f) Anti-bullying policy
(g) Homework.

Breach of any rule will result in consequences in accordance with our Behaviour Policy. This can be provided on request.

For any additional information or queries please contact the Admin Officer on 07305 41 8431.