Ramadhan 2020

Click HERE for the Prayer Timetable for the month of Ramadhan 2020.

Live audio of all programmes & events at Masjid-e-Umar & YMA can be streamed on the ‘Home’ page under ‘Live Transmission’. 

Fajr Salaah on Eid day 4:30am at Masjid Umar.

Eid Salaah: 9:30am at YMA.

Sadaqat-ul-Fitr: £3.50 per head.


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Dear Reader,

Al-Furqaan Welfare Trust, under the trust and close supervision of its founder Imaam Shuaib Desai, has been working in Tanzania for the past 7 years, exclusively to safeguard and promote Islam by running a number of projects. 

After witnessing the extremely poor state  of Muslim women both Islamically and financially, Al-Furqaan has recently launched a unique women empowerment project. 

The pioneering project consists of well-tailored, weekly Madrasah lessons for the disadvantaged women lead by learned female scholars. In return they receive a monthly cash handout from our zakat funds as an incentive to attract numbers. 

Al-Furqaan would like to invite you to take the honour of contributing your zakat money to this very worthy cause, the benefits of which are twofold. On one hand the zakat will financially help a poor lady, whereas on the other hand, it will support and revitalise her Deen and as a result regenerate Islam in a country where Islam is deteriorating at a critical rate. 

Surely, the best form of zakat is that which not only eliminates poverty, but also illuminates Islam. 

Please donate via bank transfer. Details are as follows:


Account Name: Zakat

Account No: 50309672

Sort Code: 20-76-89

(Donations towards Women’s Madrasah Lessons as detailed above to be paid into this account)


Account Name: Lillah

Account No: 80947814

Sort Code: 20-76-89


Account Name: Orphan Sponsorship

Account No: 10714631

Sort Code: 20-76-89

(Note – The cost of sponsoring an orphan is £240 per year. Zakat donations are acceptable in this fund)


On Behalf of Al-Furqaan Welfare Trust