Rishta Advice Service



The significance of Nikah cannot be denied. From a spiritual perspective, it is half of our Imaan and the only halal way of sharing our lives with a partner. From a social perspective, it is a very crucial component of Islamic social structure.

Allah Almighty says in the Quraan “And from amongst His great signs and favours is the fact that He has created partners for you from amongst your own selves so that you may enjoy the happiness of love with them.”

Our beloved Prophet (saw) whilst exhorting all young people to marry has stated, “O young people, whoever amongst you has the ability to marry, then he must do so as marriage is a source of modesty and purity”

Appreciating the benefits of Nikah, he has so truly confirmed “No love between any two people is as sweet as the love between a married couple.

Whilst forced marriages are totally condemned in Islam, arranged marriages with full consent of the couple are proved to be the most successful marriages even today.

Based on these success rates many respectable young Muslim men and women will wait till they are introduced to their compatible partners by their guardians.

However, living in a very diverse Muslim community of the UK with many families living reserved and private lives, it is not easy for guardians to find compatible partners for their loved ones.    


Rishta Advice Service

In order to support and assist guardians in this very demanding, sensitive and exhaustive task, we are delighted to announce that ‘Rishta Advice Service’ has now been established.

Acknowledging how highly sensitive this area can pose to be, our Rishta Advice Service will remain dedicated in finding and introducing potential and compatible suitors to the parents and guardians only. 


How Our Service Operates

  1. Parents/Guardians of the marriage candidate will fill in a simple application form providing us with basic details of the candidate and details of their requirements.
  2. This information will remain strictly private and confidential with the rest of our data.
  3. On finding a potential suitable partner on our database, our experienced and mature board of advisors will arrange separate meeting with parents from both sides. This will be to discuss the potential match and to see if parents are happy to be introduced to one another.
  4. Once parents mutually agree to be introduced to one another, RAS will facilitate this initial introduction of parents. This will be arranged in a way that both parties mutually agree with, e.g. either by exchanging their contact numbers so they may communicate over the phone or by arranging a face-to-face meeting of the parents only.
  5. Once the initial introduction of parents has been facilitated, RAS will not engage in further discussion or stages of this issue. Instead it will allow the parents to find out more about each other and take the matter further if and as they wish to do so.

 N.B Our service is only dedicated to introduce parents to parents and not the actual   marriage candidates to each other.


Terms & Conditions

  1. This service is only available for finding a Nikah partner.
  2. Every applicant must fill in our application form and agree to the terms and conditions. Applicants must only be the parents or the guardians in the absence of parents.
  3. RAS will strictly not engage with anyone, other than with parents or in their absence, with the guardians.
  4. RAS will not reveal any contact details of one party to the other without their consent.
  5. RAS will neither collect nor keep personal contact details of the marriage candidates.
  6. The service will operate under a very strict data protection policy. All submitted information will strictly remain private and confidential and will not be shared with any other party for whatever possible reason.
  7. RAS will only assist as far as initially introducing parents from both sides. Hence it will not engage in any further development of the issue.
  8. RAS will only share the officially provided information of one party to the other. It will remain impartial and neither will it recommend nor make a decision for anyone in the whole process.
  9. RAS will not take responsibility of verifying the authenticity of the details provided by one party. Hence it will not be held responsible for any false information given by either party.
  10. RAS will not make any internal/external enquiries of any one party on the behalf of another.
  11. RAS does not guarantee its applicants of finding a suitable partner. It only offers a service that facilitates contact between suitable applicants.
  12. RAS will not be held responsible for any failure in subsequent marriage, resulting of the match made.
  13. If any introductions are made and are found not to be suitable, then parties may ask for further consideration of other suitable options.
  14. In order to protect our service from being abused, there will be a nominal administration fee of £25 for each application. Application will only be valid once the membership fee has been paid. The membership will continue until a suitable match is found.
  15. RAS reserves the right to refuse any application which it believes is not consistent with its beliefs and/or where it believes that the service is being abused. The decision of the RAS is final in this respect.


How to apply

Click HERE to download a copy of our application form or collect a copy from Masjid Umar, Madrasa at YMA, Bright Stars Nursery, or from Oak Tree High School.

After completing the form, please enclose a cheque or postal order for £25 made payable to “Rishta Advice Service” and please in a sealed envelope and post through one of our private and dedicated post boxes located at Masjid Umar and YMA.

N.B Applicant must only either be the parents or the guardians of the marriage candidates, NOT the candidates themselves.